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Mystical Maldives

Investing in a yoga retreat is a necessary means of practising self-care.
By taking care of yourself, you take care of the world around you..

DATES: September 19th - Maldives 4 Nights / 5 days

PRICE: INR 73,000/-

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A Purposeful Vacation

A Holiday with
a Breath of Fresh Air
Mosey around the Mystical Maldives

Maldives an ideal destination for a getaway from our daily routine. You will practice on the beach, swim in a natural pool , watch dolphins dance to the setting sun, and make lifelong friendships. Visit to the coral reef is a treat to explore or finally read that book under a palm tree next to warm turquoise waters after an unwinding yoga session on a daily basis.  This retreat offers you the opportunity to take control over your health and well-being while being fully immersed in nature. Peace and tranquility is the order of the day with yoga asanas flowing through seamlessly from one posture to another.

Our Amazing Retreats

"Dhi" abhyas.

Gentle body movements to understand state of mind and body. Yoga abhyas has the ability to connect oneself to ones soul. Breadth to calm down ones Mann Bhuddhi and Ahankar. Practice gets better when done close to Nature. Nature is the culmination of the blissful energies one can be bestowed upon.


My practice is important as I have taken this journey to understand myself better. keeping this in mind we are going to have a one on one discussion for me to understand each ones need.


Prana means life force and ayama is to control. In totality it means set of breathing techniques to alter intentionally for specific results. This is one of the most ancient techniques to increase ones capacity physically-emotionally-mentally-spiritually. If one is alive it is because one is breathing. This breath which we take for granted...if taken consciously can do wonders on you.

Mantra Meditation

Each word is a vibration-vibration of positive thoughts. When all of us come together and chant to the music our positivity increasese our good aura is - an obvious karmic action. Connect our minds to the beautiful sound coming out of our souls.

Surya or Sun is that ball of energy which keeps this planet in place. We are what we see around us. Just like there is Sky bearing the quality of sound-Air bearing the quality of touch-Fire bearing the quality of form-water bearing the quality of taste-earth bearing the quality of smell. all of these pancha bhutas exists in each individual. Sun is the physical energy of an individual which gives strength stamina flexibility...Moon is the mental energy of an individual.

We will be practising Surya Shakti sadhana so that we will be bestowed with this powerful energy.

Chanting & Kirtan

A yoga practitioner is above any religious group. He or she is able to bridge the gap which a comman man/woman creates. Bringing our heart and mind together be sing together so that our spiritual energies reach higher level.

Cyclic meditation

Cyclic meditation is a very effective technique to stimulate relaxation and rejuvenate our mind and body. Experience bliss so that tranquillity becomes the order of the day and eventually your second nature or your real self.

Yoga Sessions