Advaitha is a path of self-realization through the practice of yoga. Curated by Kona Narayanasamy and taught by yoga teacher and visualizer Bindu Madhavi, Advaitha is an experience of reconnecting with your inner-being by working with your body and your mind. Like a geologist studying the terrains of the Earth, an Advaitha yogi examines the intricacies of mind and body. It is a process of cleansing. Through Advaitha, you cure what cannot be endured and endure what cannot be cured. Participants will be given the opportunity to practice a lifestyle of mindfulness and holistic well-being at the retreat. By applying the teaching of the Advaitha yoga technique in their day-to-day lives, participants can unlearn negative habit patterns of the mind and move towards harmony within.
Advaitha is an experience curated by Kona Narayanasamy. Kona is a yoga enthusiast based in Bangalore where she runs a yoga studio along with Salon Hakim Aalim’s and Kona Cafe. Having worked with a variety of individuals from a myriad of professions in Bangalore, she understands intimately the lifestyle of the city dwellers and believes that the practice of yoga is a necessity. Through Advaitha, Kona teams up with her yoga teacher Bindu Madhavi and together, they seek to combine yoga and travel culture by providing personalized yoga retreats around the world.


    The practice of Advaitha yoga offers wonderful benefits to its practitioners. By participating in an Advaitha retreat, student yogis can learn how to live a balanced, harmonious life while making new friends and exchanging stories. Advaitha brings people together.

    From private and group yoga sessions, to unique programs and events and international retreats, we offer a diverse range of opportunities of self-care and harmony. Our programs are personalized and cater to the individual needs of our students. We strive to offer holistic and memorable wellness experiences.